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Cancel your phone book delivery

recommend Cancel your phone book delivery

This will stop people delivering phone books to your house.


Phew! It was making me depressed seeing those little yellow mountains languishing on the streets each year.

Felicity Fliss
Felicity Fliss
Posted not too long ago
Last edited not too long ago

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  • Thank you so much, too late for this year, but have cancelled for the next three years and will spread the word.
    Roxie Wisbey

  • Great,have been wanting to do this for a long time. No more wasted phone books for me. Thanks.
    Andrew Walker

  • cancelled.....more room in the otto bin

    Lynn Wilson

  • Laura Davies

    Done. Thank you for the link, they always went straight from my door step into the recycle bin. :/
    Laura Davies

  • Nicholas Lever

    Great! Thanks :)
    Nicholas Lever

  • Melissa Duvallon

    Great Idea!
    Melissa Duvallon

  • Michael Strack

    Nice one! Done! It's pretty easy.
    Michael Strack

  • Done and done! Also posted link to my Facebook account! Maybe others could do the same with their accounts or chosen social media sites?
    Lovely Cat

  • Sarah Henning

    Thanks Felicity. I have been bothered about this paper wastage for years. Great to finally be able to stop a little peice of it.
    Sarah Henning

  • Randy Savage

    Phone books cancelled. Nice one Felicity!
    Randy Savage

  • Thanks for the tip. mine never get used at all.

    Michele Chandler

  • Julie Ves

    it thanks i get them and have them just sat there and it is a waste of paper most use the internet now
    Julie Ves

  • Angii Higgins

    Ye-ah! I did it, thankyou Felicity.
    This is one less carbon footprint on the planet.
    one giant leap for sydney!
    Angii Higgins

  • Gilly Chutrau

    Just did. Phone books are such a waste of paper. They should be banned all together! Thanks!
    Gilly Chutrau

  • Krin Pender-Gunn

    Mine go straight in the recycling too - glad not to have them.
    Krin Pender-Gunn

  • I joined just so I could say "thank you" for providing such a great link. I actually use the yellow pages (as heretical as it sounds, there are still lots of industries that don't use the web), however there are always so many homeless copies around, I figure I can still cancel mine and have a copy.
    Thank you Felicity!
    Dan Andrews

  • Thank you for this! I've canceled ours straight away. (It used to go straight into the recycling bin - what a shame.)
    Christina A