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Social enterprise catering provided by asylum seekers, refugees

classifieds Social enterprise catering provided by asylum seekers, refugees

Hungry for change?

Our mission is simple: beautiful food, made with love, pride and care. In doing this we’re also providing hope and opportunity to asylum seekers, refugees and recent arrivals to Australia.

As you can imagine, it can be pretty tough arriving here as an outsider, being an asylum seeker or refugee can be a lonely and difficult thing. Finding a place where you feel valued and wanted, where you can make a new start and a good life can be a very daunting.
They face enormous barriers and our social catering is all about helping them overcome those barriers by providing real work, training and community.

The catering is run by Parliament on King as a social enterprise, where the people that do the work share in the benefits – with the rest returned to growing the enterprise.

We specialize in local favorites from the countries of origin of our staff – we can provide everything from Burmese Red Pepper Noodles, Persian Ados Polo (a Persian style rice with sultanas and fried onion) to Somali soups and Srilankan curries – with everything lovingly made and the way they make it at home. It’s not the kind of food you’ll get anywhere else.
If food from far afield is not your thing, we’re also pretty good at local favorites too.
If you need some catering, please give us a call on 0414 235 325, message our Facebook page or email myintuition@yahoo.com

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Some more information and background follow these links:
The project has won an award: The Refugee Council of Australia and NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors Humanitarian Award recipient, for business 2015.You can read about the awards here: www.startts.org.au/news-events/refugee-week/

Background videos:

Photo credits: thanks to the very talented Kimberley Low, Emma Davies and Rico

Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
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