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Old books - any kind, I'm making furniture...

wanted Old books - any kind, I'm making furniture...

I'm making more book furniture; chairs and stools.

Basically I’m recycling and reusing old books to make furniture - and I need donations for a new couple of new pieces.

I’m happy with paperbacks; I’ve discovered that the Da Vinci code is not such a bad book – to sit on.

I find the works of Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham also make for good sitting.

Not all of my book furniture is made out of pulp fiction, ‘best sellers’ or ‘airport’ novels. I’ve also used the works of John-Paul Sartre, Francois Sagan, Derrida and Descartes to make my furniture.

You really do feel a lot smarter, more cosmopolitan and intellectual when you’re sitting on novels by Hemmingway and Murakami.

It really is the more intelligent way to sit – so I’d welcome literature too.

I remember when I was a kid there was this belief that if you put the book under your pillow when you slept you’d absorb the contents. This may be true of other parts of the human body too.

It’s literature as furniture. This was inevitable the minute Peter Carey won the Booker prize. I really can’t wait to have a nice sit down on his collected works – so un-read hardbacks are also welcome.

Old books are especially welcome – classics make for sophisticated sitting.

Condition is not that important, as long as the covers and spines are intact.

Happy to pick up from anywhere nearby.

Thank you.


Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Posted not too long ago

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  • Merly Stonier-Hartnett

    wow that's a great idea!
    Merly Stonier-Hartnett

  • Sarah Greenaway

    Hi Ravi,

    I have a set of 1970s Encylopedia Brittanica?
    Sarah Greenaway

  • Hey Ravi,
    We walk past piles of discarded books on the streets all the time. I must remember to pick some up for you next time! (Not too sure about your theory of absorbing literature through your arse though ;)
    Felicity Devitt