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Bipolar Bear, my new favourite thing in Newtown

blog Bipolar Bear, my new favourite thing in Newtown

I’m now a huge fan of the work of Bipolar Bear.

I’d never seen anything quite this interesting in Newtown before. My first and only sighting of Bipolar Bear was last Tuesday night at about 10.30 PM.

We were heading to Crispy Inn bakery on King st to get a loaf of sourdough and sitting in front of St Vinnies, right in front of the window display of these tragic mannequins in 80s retro was this gentlemen dressed as a bear. Not just a bear, but a bear-on-acid-flashback bear.

He was playing an accordion of some kind and singing ‘Golden Brown’ by the Stranglers. It’s a beautiful song. There was something very satisfying about having it sung to me by a bear playing an accordion in front of a mannequin dressed as Olivia Newton John (as she was in 1984).

If this wasn’t good enough, Bipolar bear started speaking German. Two passers-by were speaking German to each other, they were probably German, anyway Bipolar bear starts speaking with them in fluent German.

Bipolar bear was bi-lingual Bipolar bear.

If anyone knows anything about Bipolar Bear I’d be interested to find out more – please let me know.



Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Posted not too long ago
Last edited not too long ago

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