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Merry Re-gift-mas: what do with those unwanted un-loveable gifts

fwt Merry Re-gift-mas: what do with those unwanted un-loveable gifts

Dear Friend of Friends with Things

In 2010 19 million unwanted festive gifts were given in Australia at a cost of half a billion dollars and, sadly, 13.7% of this rejected haul went straight from the manufacturer to landfill.

We’re asking people to celebrate the season of giving by listing their unwanted gifts (and other things) on FriendsWithThings.com.au instead. Our aim is to take a stand against over-consumption, bring some genuine kindness back into the festive season and create a better sense of community through neighborhood networking.

The idea is simple, while you’re here at the site, list your unwanted item on the ‘Share’ section of the site.

If you’re worried about ‘getting busted’, you can post your items anonymously (to avoid the wrath of their relatives).

Here are a few Christmassy things that are available on the site right now:

If you don’t want to deck the halls, you can trim the hedges… friendswiththings.com.au/336/hedge-trimmer-and-lawn-mower

Need to borrow a Chrissy party frock? friendswiththings.com.au/334/nothing-to-dress-up-in-and-somewhere-to-go

Making a Christmas brew, you may need these…

Christmas is meant to be about sharing, but too often it ends up being about buying. Regiftmas is a good way to repurpose things so they are used, while also connecting people to their neighbors.

To help spread the word, visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-with-Things/195445020470261?sk=wall

Thank you and Merry Regiftmas

Ravi Prasad
Founder, on behalf of the Friends with Things team.

P.S. If you ever need to borrow a mitre saw, you can borrow mine: friendswiththings.com.au/22/mitre-saw-circular-saw

My drill is still available too:

Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Posted not too long ago
Last edited not too long ago

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