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The official Friends with Things Charter

We’re in the process of formalising our charter – a statement of mission to which the site operates.

We’d be very interested in your feedback, so if after reading this you have any thoughts or ideas or any inspiration as to how we could best achieve our mission, please get in touch.

Our Charter:

Our mission is to first promote the cause of collaborative consumption and the social and environmental good that it produces.

Our commitment is to the cause, therefore we seek to encourage, champion, help or support any individual, organisation or group that shares this cause.

Our commitment is also to action through the work of Friends with Things.

The purpose of the Friends with Things site is to create, through sharing, connections between people that build both a more civil and sustainable society – collaborative communities.

The Friends with Things site is at the service of any individual, organisation or group that shares our mission.

We are agents of change in the service of the common good so our mission is also to support alternative voices or points of view who work to promote a more civil, sustainable or ethical society.

Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Posted not too long ago
Last edited not too long ago

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  • Oh my goodness its funny how the universe works just when I was feeling sad about how selfish the world & many people in it are becoming I find myself here...
    There is still so much good out there too we just need to band together & show what amazing things can be achieved when people support, empower, encourage & respect each other.. Bravo at FwT
    Nikki Ivanovic

  • Anni Buzaglow Editor In Chief Hello Redfern

    dear ravi hey it's anni the editor in chief of HELLO REDFERN online mag. i have not heared from you, i know you gave me your tel no. but i like email better anyways i do advertise you, as much as i can, usually we charge for ads, but this here is for a good cause and we support it. check us out www.facebook.com/weeklystories OR gooogle us HELLO REDFERN we are on facebook, thanks, kind regards. anni
    Anni Buzaglow Editor In Chief Hello Redfern