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Can Adi help you with computers and IT ?

I've copied this over from the old Friends with Things site, until Adi updates it when this one will be deleted - so if you want to contact her, use her e-mail address.

Adi writes:

Hi I’m Adis

Here’s where you’ll find me:
Huntley Green Apartments, Mitchell Road

Here’s what I’ve got to share...
Computer skills. I can pretty much fix all things tech related. Ok well..not ALL things. But most.

If your Mac or PC is giving you drama, I can get it to behave in no time. Or if you need help cyberstalking the hottie in 24B, I can probably help you out with that too.

But I've got tangible stuff too. Like a printer I rarely use. And a kitten that gets in the way of everything I try to do.

How to borrow from me:
Just email me with a brief description of what the problem is. If I need hands-on time, then I'll let you know.

And If I succeed in fixing the problem, you owe me a cookie :)

How to contact

A bit about me:
Originally from the US by way of Indonesia.
I'm a total geek.

Ravi Prasad
Ravi Prasad
Posted not too long ago

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